Sunday, 11 April 2010

Best Man

My replacement bases arrived this week along with some new brushes, sculpting tools and greenstuff. I also have a parcel which I need to post for mr Astray over at yellowdice. Despite the fact that the two Praetorian swordsmen I ordered arrived as a cataphract Arcuarius (?!) I'm making a reasonable amount of progress. After many failed attempt at cork desert bases, I stumbled across a great desert base tutorial on the Privateer Press forums mid way down the thread. I've got all my medium bases sculpted and sanded, doing the small bases today, and hopefully getting them all sprayed today too. Those miniatures that arrived with paint have been soaking in paint stripper over night, and both warbeasts have been cleaned (after Royal Mail managed make them come apart in transit....grumble grumble) and assembled over the course of this week. On top of all this, me and Astray managed to devise me up a colour scheme to use, which I will have ready to post pics of next week with any luck.

The real good news however, is that my future best man and good friend of over 20 years (21 years :P) was round yesterday, and I "taught" him to play Warmachine. He liked it enough to want to sit and browse the PP galleries on the website to pick a faction! at the moment I think it's between Cryx and Menoth for him, as he isn't 100% on the Menoth 'jacks. Great news tbh. I've lent him my MK2 rulebook so he can read up on fluff/rules and when he has decided on faction, I'll try and post in the relative community and get some advice on first purchases. Looking forward to club night tomorrow as well, as I haven't been in a couple of weeks, so it's all good here :)

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  1. ok so you got you best man to start warmachine, I know what your Bachelor party is going to be right :P.

    Nice matey!

  2. Haha, hopefully a bit more than just playing WM :P

    yeah good to get a gaming buddy back :)