Friday, 1 February 2013

Mi Casa

Might seem daft posting again without having unpacked any miniatures... I've been musing though so I thought I'd share :)

Hyperion is still AWOL, but I've been trying to come up with a good base theme for the model when I get it. Its a huge model and no small chunk of cash so I wondered if any if you guys had suggestions based on seeing my basing work to date?

I've also been wondering where to go after that with my ret, vyre jacks and Ossyan, (eventually leading to some houseguard) or eVyros and a Destor thane (because Vyros is awesome and who doesn't love cavalry?). Again, any thoughts guys?

After the house us a bit more sorted and work/ social events have calmed down I'll be able to establish my hobby setup again and get into it :).
Until then, Thanks for stopping by

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